Spawner and Armor Question

Between the zombie spawner and the skeleton spawner, which is the best for getting enchanted armor? I have ye old farms set up at both. I don’t really care about the odds of armor droping, I’m just going to afk while I read a book and put the book down when my frame rate tanks, so eventually I’ll get something, but if I’m going to sit all day in front of a spawner, I want to make sure it’s the better one.

Note: I actually have two zombie spawner farms, one is set up for normal zombies and the other for Drowned, if that makes a difference.

Edit: answered my own question. It’s been a while since I last played. I forgot that the drowned spawner cause zombies to lose their (enchanted) armor with the armor at full health. Since zombies can have higher quality material than skeletons, I believe zombies/drowned are the best; zombies if you have a looting mending weapon, and drowned if you don’t have a looting mending weapon.