Armored zombies

I’ve been playing minecraft for a long while now and I’ve seen armored zombies quite a few times, not paying much attention to them. However after some thinking i’ve came up with few ideas that might spice up your play. What if the armored zombies(maybe even the regular ones) could in a way replace the other players in single-player. Like if they could destroy the buildings you make if you’re not careful or even take your stuff from chests if they can get to them. However this might get a bit tedious as you have more and more houses you’re going to have to tend on your world and there are going to be more and more zombies pouring from underground. It would also help the realism if they dropped the equipment they “found” and are currently using, which would make the satisfaction of beating a fully plated out zombie that much more real and it would even let you get a bit ahead if you used a few tricks to beat a fully armored zombie right at the start. It would also make sense that the armor you found might not be quite as fresh as you’d like since the zombie probably either died wearing it, in which case the wear and tear should be a given, or they found it in a dank cave somewhere where it might be rusted or decayed. In any case these are my thoughts on armored zombies and i’d be quite interested in seeing them added to the game.

Have fun,