Best 4 Minecraft servers of 2020

30 January, 2023

Best 4 Minecraft servers of 2020

I've been playing a lot of Minecraft for over a year now, so I've decided to compile a list of my favorite Minecraft servers. Now, this Minecraft server list is just a few I've enjoyed playing on and I tried to include one for every mode I enjoyed.


Now this one is a bit tricky, it's a mix of roleplaying and a unique take on the Minecraft experience. As the name suggests this server tries to bring the high seas to Minecraft. Obviously there's plenty of servers with a gimmick, however this one makes a proper run at actually mixing the two. As usual it takes a bit of time to get used to it, these servers experience is quite different to your usual run of the mill Minecraft server, but this is one of the few where the effort is worth it.


On the flip side, ExtremeCraft provides the best original Minecraft server has to offer. There are of course plenty of different game modes, but it doesn't try to suck you in with a gimmick, rather it goes for excellence in what makes Minecraft great. You can take your pick of Skyblock, Prison mode, Factions, Straight PvP, survival… the lists goes on and on. There's a mode for everyone and all moderated with some of the best staff I had pleasure of dealing with. All in all a classic polished to perfection.

3.Purple Prison

As the name suggests, this Minecraft server goes mainly for the Prison mode. The premise is that you're trapped in a prison and have to work your way out, mining for precious materials that you can then trade and sell for a variant of money, which you can then use to advance yourself to the next level, with the last one being freedom. While it may sound like it'd get quite old quick, you'd be surprised how much fun you can have on these servers. Obviously being the best of it's kind this server also attracts all sorts of online personalities and can boast of the biggest communities in the game.


While this Minecraft server may sound like just a fresh lemony treat, however it's quite a bit more than that. It offers all the usual suspects of the various Minecraft game modes with Survival, factions and Skyblock obviously taking the top spots. The community and staff are extremely active and willing to help out with advice and also giving you someone to play with even if your real life friends cant find the time.

This is my favorite Minecraft servers. However there's obviously plenty of different Minecraft servers out there, so if you find that you don't agree with me, you can find plenty of other servers on this Minecraft servers. Hope to see you on minecraft.