Minecraft server

3 January, 2023

Minecraft server

Minecraft Server 1.2 Description

Minecraft Server is a tool that allows you to quickly put your own server to host a network game in Minecraft. This application allows you to keep a list of allowed / forbidden IP addresses and usernames.

Minecraft Server 1.2 Informations

Operating System: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
License: Freeware
Language: English

How to create a Minecraft server?

Minecraft is a great game which, thanks to its simplicity in a very short time has gained popularity. With this tip you will learn how to set up your own server for this game using the hamachi.

- Create a new hamachi network and get to her friends with whom you wish to play.
- Create a new folder where you download the file:http://www.minecraft.net/download/minecraft_server.jar?v=1300124300337It allows you to put your own server, however, to improve its performance, we will need the appropriate batch file.
- Open Notepad and paste it:java-Xmx1024m–jar minecraft_server.jar Xms1024M–noguiSave the file as serwer.bat in the folder where the file mineraft_server.jar
- Open the newly created file and then close it when it informs you that the world is ready. In your foldershould appear new files and folders. We will be interested server.properties file. Open it with notepad or another text editing program. It should look something like so (/ / and the text after that is my comment that should not be in the file):# Minecraft server properties
# Tue Mar 12 9:28:17 EDT 2011
level-name = world / / The first 3 lines leave unchanged
hellworld = false / / if you want to play in hell, true / false *
–Monsters spawn = true / / if you want your server to appear monsters true / false *
online-mode = false / / if the server is to be designed for players with an original copy of the game true / false*
spawn-animals = true / / if the server you want to appear the animals true / false *
max-players = 2 / / maximum number of players
server-ip = x.xx.xxx.xx / / your hamachi ip
pvp = true / / if players can attack each other, true / false *
server-port = 25565 / / leave it be changes
white-list = false / / if the server is to be active whitelist (the function is not useful on servers hamachi)Save the file.
- Restart serwer.bat file. Your server is ready to use!