Spawner and Armor Question

Between the zombie spawner and the skeleton spawner, which is the best for getting enchanted armor? I have ye old farms set up at both. I don’t really care about the odds of armor droping, I’m just going to afk while I read a book and put the book down when my frame rate tanks, so eventually I’ll get something, but if I’m going to sit all day in front of a spawner, I want to make sure it’s the better one.

Note: I actually have two zombie spawner farms, one is set up for normal zombies and the other for Drowned, if that makes a difference.

Edit: answered my own question. It’s been a while since I last played. I forgot that the drowned spawner cause zombies to lose their (enchanted) armor with the armor at full health. Since zombies can have higher quality material than skeletons, I believe zombies/drowned are the best; zombies if you have a looting mending weapon, and drowned if you don’t have a looting mending weapon.

Skeleton farm not working!

We just updated our Minecraft servers and I’m playing on Minecraft 1.14.3 Java edition and I found a skeleton spawner on our map. Then I wanted to create a farm with that one block water then one block with sign kinda elevator so they get up high and fall down and die you guys know what I mean, the classic cheap farm.

But now my issue is, that this elevator thing doesn’t seem to work. The skeletons just won’t get up for some reason.

Is this because of Minecraft updates or is there anything else I can try? We can’t really downgrade our servers…

Things to do on a Minecraft Realms

So myself and some friends are kind of at a wall with our realm.

We’ve done pretty much everything there is to do. We killed the ender dragon and started farming him for xp, killed the wither, built a huge living area attached to a village, automated everything and have god armor, tools and weapons.

We love the map though and don’t wanna quit playing it, but there’s basically nothing left to do.

Any suggestions?

We’re on Minecraft Bedrock.

Minecraft Auto Pumpkin farm

I made an automatic pumpkin farm, after going AFK overnight a found a bunch of pumpkins like this, not broken as they should be. (Farm has red stone torch above where pumpkin grows. Which powers the block it’s on, and red stone dust on a block behind it which powers the piston. Pumpkin updates torch.

On Bedrock edition, pumpkins, as well as sugarcane and some other crops, can sometimes grow in-between in-game ticks. If it grows in between ticks, then you won’t receive the block update, as updates only happen every tick. You can read more about this in the wiki. There’s no way around it outside of having a clock or daylight sensor to also power your circuit occasionally to take care of those random occurrences.

I solved this issue myself by having two daylight sensors give out one-tick pulses every time it changed from day to night and night to day. It’s slightly less efficient but it functions more consistently.